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Visionary Eye Centre

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Children's Eye Exams in Sherwood Park

Children’s Eye Exams in Sherwood Park

Making Children’s Eye Care a Priority

Dr. Aujla and Dr. Delhon love to take care of your kids’ eyes!

When to Bring Your Child to Visionary Eye Care

Every child should have their eyes examined when they are just six months old. This early eye exam allows the optometrist to make sure that your child’s eyes are developing as they should and gives you peace of mind that their sight is in good hands. Celebrate their half-birthday every year with a trip to Visionary Eye Care, and give them their best chance at clear vision for life.

Kids Love Our Optometrists!

Preparing Kids for a Visit to the Optometrist

Preparing Kids for a Visit to the Optometrist

A child may be nervous about their first eye appointment. Give them the confidence they need to feel relaxed by preparing them for what they may experience. Let them know that you will be in the exam room with them the entire time. Tell them that there are large machines, but that they are quiet. Ensure them that the tests are painless. The optometrist may use drops in their eyes, which can sting a little, but that this feeling goes away very quickly.

Early Detection Means Early Correction

The Canadian Association of Optometrists estimates that up to a quarter of school-aged kids experience problems with their vision. Consider also, that most children will adjust their behaviour to accommodate their eyesight, for example sitting closer to the TV, meaning that it may be difficult to notice a problem. By bringing your kids to Visionary Eye Centre in Sherwood Park, we can identify any issues they may be dealing with now and mitigate issues down the road.

How Children’s Vision Affects Their Entire Life

When children struggle with undiagnosed vision problems, it changes everything. They may not receive good grades because they struggle to read the board or their books. They may have trouble focusing on schoolwork and could be be experiencing headaches and eyestrain. Poor sports performance, or avoiding sports altogether, may be a symptom of their inability to see the other players expressions or the ball clearly.

Book an exam for your child at Visionary Eye Centre today!

Visit Our Eyecare Practice in Sherwood Park

Come visit our beautiful optometry clinic located in the heart of Sherwood Park, just east of Edmonton. We are easily accessible off of Bethel Drive, north of Baseline Road.


Visionary Eye Centre
Synergy Wellness Centre
501 Bethel Dr #101, Sherwood Park
Sherwood Park, AB
T8H 0N2
T – (780) 467-6688
F – (780) 467-6682
E – [email protected]


Dr. Navjot Aujla
Dr. Sonia Delhon


Monday:9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Direct Billing: We Make it Easy!

Alberta Health Care covers eye exams for children 18 and under and seniors 65 and over for a basic eye exam. Adults between the ages of 19 and 64 are covered for medically necessary visits by Alberta Health Care.

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