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Contact Lens Exam & Fitting

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Competitive Prices and Expert Advice. Get Your Contact Lenses Here.

Competitive Prices, Even Compared to Online!

Our prices are competitive, even against internet and big box stores.

All Lense Types in Stock

We carry all lens types from daily wear, two week and monthly options to continuous (overnight) and conventional.

Discounts and Manufacturer Rebates

We offer annual supply discounts and pass manufacturer rebates back to you!

We Fit Contacts For All Ages

We fit contact lenses for everyone from children to seniors.

More Information About Contacts

Can you help me choose the right contacts?

Absolutely! It’s as easy as booking a comprehensive eye exam with an optometrist at Visionary Eye Centre. Please let our receptionist know that you are interested in contact lenses. This way we book the additional time to do the contact lens and eye health evaluation required to properly fit and recommend the perfect contact lenses for your eyes and vision.

In most cases we can send you home with a pair to trial and often with a full retail supply.

How do I know if I am able to wear contacts?

Technology advances in contact lens design and material have made it possible for almost anyone to wear contacts. Visionary Eye Centre fits and dispenses contact lenses in all prescription types including low powers to very high power combinations as well as multifocals and part time wear.

If you are unsure, ask us! We are your partners in great optical health.

Next Steps

Our Comprehensive Process for Comfortable Contact Solutions

Step 1

Schedule a complete eye health exam letting the receptionist know you are interested in contact lenses so the appropriate amount of time is reserved – approximately 60 to 90 minutes.

Step 2

Your eye doctor will perform a comprehensive eye exam focusing on looking at eye health, specifically ocular surface (front surface) to ensure it is in optimum shape for contact lenses and vision correction.

Step 3

Once the eye doctor has determined you are a good candidate for contact lenses they will do a measurement of the cornea and surface to determine size and curvature. Contact lenses, much like eyes, come in different sizes and shapes, so measurement will determine which will work best for you.

Step 4

Now that the doctor has your eye health, ocular surface and measurements detailed, they are equipped to determine which contact lens will work best. They will ask you about your lifestyle and preferences, as contact lenses also come in a variety of modalities from daily wear to monthly wear as well as colored. The doctor will fit you with a trial lens (some prescriptions will require a custom ordered lens not in stock) and send you home to try out.

Step 5

You will return with your follow up appointment and the eye doctor will again evaluate how the lens is sitting and moving on the eye, how the comfort has been during the trial and the overall visual acuity. She will make any necessary changes or approve moving forward with the current type of contact lens.Note: Not all contact lens trial work the first time. There are lots of lens materials and designs so it is important for you to return for your follow up appointment so we can ensure the best fits and vision possible.

Step 6

Success! You can now order your annual supply of contact lenses and receive our bulk pricing. The more you buy the more you save!