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Maintain Great Eye Health

Regularly scheduled eye exams are important to maintain great eye health. A complete eye exam is not just about your vision, but also looking for any signs of ocular or system health concerns. Many patients are unaware of what an optometrist can see and detect in these examinations. It is our job to educate all patients with the information that we often diagnose eye and health disease by detecting early signs that may have gone unnoticed without professional examination. During the exam at Visionary Eye Centre, your eye doctor will ask you questions about your vision, any concerns or issues with your eyes, your lifestyle and work requirements, and any changes to your family history or current health.

Vision Test

We are all about providing you with the best, clearest vision possible. Our Sherwood Park clinic provides regular vision acuity testing as part of the complete eye exam. Your optometrist will measure your eyes individually and how they work together, by utilizing several procedures and eye care technologies. Depending on the results, we will prescribe and recommend visual options such as eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Eye Function

During the preliminary exam we also perform a series of tests to determine eye functionality. These include evaluating side vision (peripheral vision), depth perception, visual field (focusing ability) and eye muscle responsiveness, as well as color vision perception. The tests indicate any conditions that impair the eyes from working well together or an ability to focus well.

Eye Health

At Visionary Eye Centre our optometrists conduct a thorough exam that looks at the overall health of the eye through visual examination, tonometry and digital retinal imaging. Once reviewing the tests and providing patients with a thorough explanation of the results, our optometrists will recommend any visual solutions or treatments.

Important Information to Know

How often should we schedule an eye exam?

We recommend a professional eye exam every 12 – 24 months.

Is an eye exam covered by my health insurance?

Alberta Health Care covers exams for both children under 19 and seniors over 65 for a basic eye exam. Adults between the ages of 20 – 64 are are covered for medically necessary visits by Alberta Health Care.

Of Vision Loss Can be Avoided

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